About the company

Diamond Fertilizers is the only producer of water-soluble mineral fertilizers in the Stavropol Territory; its history began in 1954. For the city of Lermontov, this is a city-forming enterprise, where more than 500 people work. Also, “Diamond Fertilizers” is the only producer of the most complete line of phosphoric water-soluble fertilizers and the only producer in the CIS of 100% water-soluble monopotassium phosphate (MKF), diammonium phosphate (DAP) and pure potassium sulfate.

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16 km

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Own railway tracks

26 MW

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Own electricity generation

15,000 tons

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Fertilizer produced per month


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Countries shipped to


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Of our products are exported

Almaz Fertilizer products meet the high standards of the best global manufacturers of 100% water-soluble products and often surpass them. Clients of the enterprise are large agricultural holdings and international traders in 67 countries of the world and national distributors. Over 80% of fertilizers produced at the plant are delivered abroad.

The enterprise consists of workshops for the production of mineral fertilizers, its own R&D Center, analytical and workshop laboratories, storage facilities, and has its own rail and road access roads and motor depots.

Cashmere Capital was awarded as the Best Enterprise of 2020

Efficient work and an increase in the supply of mineral fertilizers despite the pandemic and introduced lockdowns this year ensured the exclusive trading house Cashmere Capital the status of Best Enterprise 2020. The trading house is responsible for all sales of the products of the Almaz Fertilizers plant (city of Lermontov, Stavropol region).

The company export more than 80% of the finished goods, while the full geography of sales includes more than 60 countries. Shipments are made by all types of transport. This month, Cashmere Capital was included in the rating of the best enterprises of the country in the category Wholesale trade of fertilizers and agrochemicals, for which the company was awarded the Quality Star.

This award receive companies included in the All-Russian rating of the quality of goods and services. This rating shows consistently high product quality and achievement of business excellence. The rating is compiled based on official statistics and excludes the influence of the human factor in decision-making. The rating organizers claim that the Quality Star award distinguishes a reliable supplier of goods and services. Investors guided by the Quality Star while building relationships with partners. This award helps to verify the most attractive companies in terms of investment. For the company, such an award provides an opportunity to show itself and the results of its work from the most advantageous side and attract new partners.

The General Director of the trading house Cashmere Capital Edward Gurary received the title of Manager 2020, and the Commercial Director Anna Koroleva was noted in nomination Specialist 2020. The company’s management believes that the award of such level could be achieved only with the well-coordinated work of the entire team.

“Cashmere Capital is the exclusive trading house of the Almaz Fertilizers plant, which produces high-tech agricultural chemicals. The Quality Star award is a merit of the entire team of the holding, which works as a single well-oiled machine. Recognition of our achievements stimulates the company to further development and provision of farmers in Russia and abroad with fertilizers of the best quality,” said Edward Gurary.

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