General Director of Almaz Fertilizer LLC

Baykalov Vyacheslav Nikolaevich

Date of birth: 02.25.1985

In 2006 he graduated from the Faculty of Economics of Lomonosov Moscow State University.
In 2008, he received a Master’s degree in “Poliеуconomyca”

Professional experience:
He started his career in the international auditing company “Deloitte” in the telecommunications division. For most of his career, he specialized in project management, corporate finance, debt financing and business restructuring. He was directly involved in organizing the financing of the Sochi 2014 Olympic facilities, the facilities of the North Caucasus Resorts Corporation. In project management, he participated in the implementation of the Port of “Vera project”, the Ogodzha coal deposit, the GOK “Erdenet”, “RU-Energy”, “Krasnaya Polyana”, NESK, and the Sochi Plaza hotel.

2020-present. Almaz Fertilizer LLC
General Director

2018-2019 Intermix Met LLC
General Director

2014-2017 RT-Business Development LLC
Head of Strategic Project Development

2013-2014 OJSC RU-Energy Group
Advisor to the President

2012-2013 OJSC Resorts of the North Caucasus
Director of the Department of Project Financing and Work with Residents

2009-2012 NBB-Development
Investment Director

2008-2009 Cushman & Wakefield Stiles & Riabokobylko
Consultant (specialization in investment and financial analysis), Strategic Consulting division

2005-2007 Deloitte&Touch (Audit)

Production Director of Almaz Fertilizers LLC

Tikhonov Sergey Valentinovich

Date of birth: 07.11.1980

Graduated from D.I. Mendeleev Russian University of Chemical Technology in 2003 with a degree in Chemical Technology of Inorganic Substances

In 2007 he graduated from the Russian New University, Moscow with a degree in Applied Informatics in Economics

Professional experience:
He has more than 18 years of experience in the chemical industry. He held senior positions in large industrial enterprises of the country. Almaz Fertilizer LLC solves the tasks of qualitative transformations within the enterprise and is responsible for the smooth operation of production cycles.

2020-present. LLC Almaz Fertilizer

Production Director

2019-2020 OJSC Hydrometallurgical Plant

Development Director

2017-2019 DORFOS AO

deputy Chief Production Engineer

2000-2017 OJSC Voskresensk mineral fertilizers
Chemical Engineer

Deputy General Director for Logistics of Almaz Fertilizer LLC

Akhubekov Eduard Mikhailovich
Date of birth:

In 2006, he entered the Moscow State University, Faculty of Economics, specialty – Personnel Management.
In 2020, he entered the “Moscow Financial and Industrial University Synergy” direction of State and Municipal Management-specialty State and municipal Service.

Professional experience:
More than 15 years of experience in large construction companies in the country. In Almaz Fertilizers LLC, he is responsible for providing all the needs of the company within the procurement, logistics and automation department.

2020-present. Almaz Fertilizers LLC
Deputy General Director for Logistics

2018-2020 OJSC Hydrometallurgical Plant
Deputy General Director for Supply and Warehouse Logistics

2012-2018 Giprotsvetmet AO
Head of Economic Service

2011-2012 Arkada-Stroy Corporation LLC
Head of warehouse logistics in the group of companies “MONBLAN”

2007-2010 Group of companies ASV LLC
Project manager

Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance of Almaz Fertilizer LLC
Muzraev Arslan Fedorovich

Date of birth: 17.12.1987


In 2010 he graduated from the Financial Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation with a degree in accounting, analysis and audit.

Professional experience:

More than 13 years of experience in large financial companies in the country. Almaz Fertilizer LLC is responsible for strategic financial planning, budgeting and financial analysis. Managing the full provision of all types of resources in time and in the amounts necessary for the continuous performance of industrial activities.

2021-present. Almaz Fertilizer LLC
Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance

2018-2021 Vector LLC
Deputy General Director for Development

2016-2017 RT-Business Development LLC
Senior Analyst

2014-2016 RT-Global Resources LLC
Analyst; Senior Analyst

2013-2014 JSC “United Aircraft Corporation”

2010-2013 PricewaterhouseCoopers CJSC
Senior Consultant-Auditor

Deputy General Director for Safety of Almaz Fertilizer LLC

Bagdasaryan Igor Yurievich

Date of birth: 17.04.1962

Graduated from the Moscow State Law Academy in 1996 with a degree in Jurisprudence

Professional experience:

He has more than 30 years of practical experience in the field of industrial and corporate security. Service in the internal affairs bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Stavropol Territory. Advisor to the Director of Security at one of the largest Russian banks in the country. Almaz Fertilizer LLC is engaged in the development and control of all safety-related activities.

2020-present. Almaz Fertilizer LLC

Deputy Director General for Security

2018-2020 OJSC Hydrometallurgical Plant

Deputy General Director

2013-2015 CJSC Bank Russian Standard

Advisor to the Director of Security

1983-2011 The Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the Stavropol Territory


Начальник исследовательской лаборатории ООО «Алмаз Удобрения»

Стрельцов Дмитрий Александрович

Дата рождения: 23.03.1977

Образование: В 1999 окончил Пятигорскую государственную фармацевтическую академию по специальности «Фармацевтика»

Профессиональный опыт:

Является кандидатом фармацевтических наук, более 15 лет преподавал фармацевтическую химию. В ООО «Алмаз Групп» организует проведение научно-исследовательских работ, направленных на освоение новой техники и технологий.

2020-н.в. ООО «Алмаз Удобрения»

Начальник исследовательской лаборатории

2019-2020 ОАО «Гидрометаллургический завод»

Начальник исследовательской лаборатории

2003-2018 Пятигорская государственная фармацевтическая академия

Кандидат фармацевтических наук

Head of the Research Laboratory of Almaz Fertilizer LLC

Streltsov Dmitry Alexandrovich

Date of birth: 03.23.1977

In 1999 graduated from the Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy with a degree in Pharmacy

Professional experience:

He is a candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences. He has been teaching pharmaceutical chemistry for more than 15 years. Almaz Group LLC organizes scientific research aimed at mastering new equipment and technologies.

2020-present. Almaz Fertilizers LLC

Head of the Research Laboratory

2019-2020 OJSC Hydrometallurgical Plant

Head of the Research Laboratory

2003-2018 Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy

Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences

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